Data has been a salient topic in this century. Many are aware of it but have a lack of knowledge of the destructive effects it causes.

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Cathy O Neil’s Weapons of Math Destruction (WMD) is the perfect book to describe our current technology world and how many technology firms are thriving on our data.

Data are used to create a data-driven model that should supposedly increase efficiency, productivity and transparency in all facets. The models became a way to quantify important traits: teacher’s quality, recidivism risk and job suitability. It became a deciding factor in our lives because we often impose our values and thoughts as it influences our decisions.

In turn, this leads to inequality and threatens our democracy. …

and how I plan to stay relevant and forward-looking

A twist of fate landed me in a tech polytechnic course — Multimedia and Infocomm Technology at Nanyang Polytechnic. This is when tech first caught my eye and I went ahead to pursue a degree in University.

Technology was the game-changer in my life because I found my passion in it. However, some of us (including me) are often struck with the thought of our incompetency and how should we stand out among over a million (or more) software engineers in the world. Or even just to stand out in your own country.

So what makes you different? What makes…

I am Belle and am currently an undergraduate in the Singapore Institute of Technology (SIT) and majoring in Information and Communications (Software Engineering). I live in the ☀️ sunny city☀️ Singapore.

University has a different setting with polytechnic because it focuses on independent and hands-on learning (at least for SIT). SIT goes on a trimester basis, this essentially means that we have to clear a semester worth of modules within three months. Sounds difficult right?

Gradually, I got used to the pace of studying in SIT with a few relatively good habits that I incorporated into my daily routine. My…

Belle Sim

A tech enthusiast living in the sunny city, Singapore🌾

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